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    Map Cycle, suggestion.



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    Map Cycle, suggestion.

    Post  liquid on Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:08 am

    There are several issues with the map cycle, first 45 minutes i think is way too long to play on one map. When there are no admins to change the map, and not enough people it can get a little bit frustrating. Somewhere around 20-35 minutes will work better. When there is no admin there should be an easier way to let the players change to a different map. It would be ideal a command like /rockthevote or something like that could give the opportunity for players to vote from 3 maps for a map change.
    Also there are some maps that, i think don't work in the cycle because they are not as popular. The current cycle is as followed.

    surf_ski_2 *
    cs_speedball *
    as_pkp *

    * i feel those maps should be taken out and whenever there is an admin and wants to play on respective maps, can call for a vote or simply change to that map. Also there is no cs_office on the cycle.
    Having popular maps twice on the cycle(if possible) wouldn't be a bad idea either, because they would help attract newcomers to the server. (DUST, DUST2, OFFICE, )

    Also on a side note, you guys should watch out with admin abuse, because it creates a hostile environment on the server. I have witness several occasion of admin abuse in the server i don't like mention names but, if your clan is going to give the admin power to one of its member, you should make sure that your clan members know how to be good admins and how to DEAL WITH THEIR ADMIN POSITION on a respectful no abusive way. I say this because i use to be an admin on a server a long time ago (get r' done) and some admins just basically abuse their power and treating different players without a reason. On the long run it dragged players away from the server making it fail.
    Well that all i have to say i know it has been quite long but i hope you take this a constructive suggestion that will improve the playing envirionment on your server.



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    Re: Map Cycle, suggestion.

    Post  {G}anja{G}old on Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:38 am

    I like all of your ideas but I have two things to say about them.
    1: Surf Ski definatly doesn't need to be taken out. For some odd reason and I don't really know why, EVERYONE loves that map. I'm a good surfer and I still get really bored of it, but it's damn sure popular.
    2: Didn't I see you get banned from AL yesterday? I could be mistaken but I could have sworn I saw you get banned from a server yesterday.

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    Location : Canada

    Re: Map Cycle, suggestion.

    Post  bigfooT on Sun Mar 29, 2009 6:14 pm

    none of the maps need to be taken out.. we just need rockthevote and we're good.


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    Join date : 2009-03-28

    Re: Map Cycle, suggestion.

    Post  liquid on Sun Mar 29, 2009 6:42 pm

    {G}anja{G}old wrote:

    2: Didn't I see you get banned from AL yesterday? I could be mistaken but I could have sworn I saw you get banned from a server yesterday.

    Yeah there is some admin abuse taking part in the server , today at 5:35 i got kicked several times from the server, I think the guy loathe from the clan kicked me out several times. I believe, if the server doesn't reevaluate who has admin control and is mature enough to handle it, eventually the server will be unpopular.

    Well i cant connect to the server right now probably cuz i got banned or kick several times, i don't know which but it was nice playing with you. I think that they made a mistake not taking you in the clan cuz you are better player than a lot guys on it.

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    Re: Map Cycle, suggestion.

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